BUG ?! The default secret key is not accepted by our phone

We use the default secret key on all extensions.
We I restart the phone, the secret wasn’t accepted by the phone.

I decided to change the secret key to fghjg123456 then I restarted the phone, the secret was accepted this time.
The default secret key look like: “276b9aa8971dc9a1389190a8bee67f4a”

FreePBX 12.0.32
Asterisk 13
We use a Cisco 7960 with the latest firmware.

What can cause this issue ?
Is it a bug ?

Thanks you very much for your time and your help.

Cisco 79xx series phones have problems with settings over 12 characters long. As such it’s most likely because the password was over 12 characters. You can see this yourself if you try to add a display name over 12 characters

Hi Andrew,
Thanks you very much for your answer.
Do you think its possible to automatically generate ONLY a 12 chars on a new extension in the next FreePBX patch ?
I’m sure I am not alone to have this problem…
I’m also sure that it will be appreciate if you can generate only 12 chars to Support Cisco 7960 phones.

Thanks you very much for your understanding and have a nice day sir.