Bug? Password problems since 2.210.62-2

Hi all

I’ve been beating my head against the wall for the last few hours trying to deal with a few issues with passwords.

I setup a test freepbx server running 2.210.62-2 with several Yealink T22P handsets. I can set up the extensions, associate the handsets with the extension using endpoint manager and the phones pick up the config and restart and then show the users name and details.

All appears normal.

Problem 1 is that we found that after the configuration stage the phones web-admin password changes. Before Freepbx issues the config and the phone restarts, it’s admin/admin. Afterwards this doesnt work. Even yealink couldn’t help and didn’t know why this might be. This may be by design but I couldn’t find any mention of a new password in the forums.

Problem 2 is that the phones report being connected for 60 seconds then show as being disconnected. The astericks log shows that they can’t connect because of “wrong password”. The set up the extensions we just enter the users name, extension number and a SIP secret. I can’t check what details the phone itself is using because of problem 1 (see above).

The bug comes in here. If I use 1.1100.211.63, the CD of which I have in my bag and have used many times around the place in the last 6 months, the whole test rig works just fine. The web-admin passwords don’t get changed and the handsets connect and stay connected even though I have filled in the same boxes as when setting up 2.210.

Does anyone know what might have changed between the two versions that might cause these symptoms or how I can move on?



I experienced the exact same issue. I went to the Endpoint Template Manager and selected my Yealink phone’s “edit” link. I then selected the edit link for “$mac.cfg.” The last line points to a variable for the admin password that I guess is supposed to be in an array somewhere in the phone (config/Setting/autop.config)…I changed it from a variable to a set value (admin) and clicked “save.” Rebooted phone. It took a couple of minutes, but once the phone was fully booted, I was able to log in.

When using endpoint manager should only have to login to a phone to debug, never make changes. It’s a 0 touch config.

D’oh! I also found that when you go to the device template edit link, where you set up DSS keys, etc, on the “General” tab, the last entry is “Web administration password.” The operation I described before just disables password protection altogether by deleting the password variable from /config/Setting/autop.cfg entirely. Selecting a password in the General tab of the template manager GUI will insert the password you create into that variable in the phone’s config.

I know that, Skyking, but personally, I feel warmer and fuzzier when I can get into the phone’s UI.

BTW, I’ve been reading your stuff in these forums for a long time now…You have saved my bacon more times than you know. You rock. Thanks.