Bug?: P-series firmware 14.6.2 - no CID in incoming call window

Just to report…the new firmware 14.6.2 has a bug…
The incoming call window does not show the CID, just a “u”…on P370 & P330. In the call list the CID is shown correctly. On the P370 the missed call info on the desktop shows the CID too. It’s just the window of an incoming call, which is agnostic of the CID!

Does your incoming INVITE have a P-Asserted-Identity or Remote-Party-ID header that’s just “u” ?
In 4_15_15 we fixed a bug whereby, on initial INVITE, not re-INVITE as re-INVITE was fine, the phone core wasn’t properly passing up the P-Asserted-Identity header (we don’t do Remote-Party-ID header properly - there’s a specific case where it does a thing, but it’s not fully functional and we don’t want to support it and as such it’s not documented as being supported) up to the phone UI.

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Thanks a lot!!!..yes…in the extension settings I had the send-remote-party-ID-header enabled. Actually I don’t know why. Is this the standard setting of a pjsip extension in freePBX?
I switched to the p-asserted-identity-header and everything is fine now…on firmware 14_6_2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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an excellent question to which I do not know the answer. :frowning:
@lgaetz you might want to look into this…

Yay for PAI :slight_smile:

in other news…wiki content is getting going again. firmware notes at:

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Yep…just created a new pjsip extension on a freePBX 16 system…

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