Bug in G722 Recording/Chanspy in Asterisk x.17

Hello Freepbx,

I noticed that in the new Distros the Recording does noet give audio and 555 Spy also gives no audio when using the G722 Codec.
Alaw/Ulaw does work.
I downloaded a older release of Asterisk (in my case Asterisk 11.3) for testing, and there it does work with G722 recording and Spy.

Conversation with G722 are good, but recordings and Chanspy does not work anymore.
Maybe it is a Asterisk bug, that I am not sure yet.

For my feeling it went wrong with Asterisk 11.17 and above. but testing will show me this.
In the latest Distro I tried Asterisk-Version-Switch and All latest releases 1.8.x, 11.x and 13.x gave the same problems with G722 recording/chanspy.

Possibly related to this bug (I can’t post links) google search “issues asterisk 24944”

Hello Ultralisk,

I have confirmation from Asterisk, that it was u bug, and it will be fixed in Asterisk 11.18Rc1.
Thank you for noticing.