Bug!? External agent on cellphone - answer phone not detected! (rare -> reboot)


I have an IVR service that’s based only on external agents with cellphones.

Most of the times it works without any problems.

The call enters the IVR, is passed to the right queue and calls the external number to reach the cellphone of the agent (static), the trunk used for the outside call is a voippro.com service (SIP).

Sometimes (quite rare) the cellphone rings, the agent answer the call, but nothing happens, the call is not connected and keeps ringing on the caller side. The agent hangs the call, the agent answer the call again, nothing, hangs, …, and the cellphone keeps ringing until the caller quits.

So far I didn’t found any soft solution to solve the condition by software (detect and reset the pbx).

The only solution that works is a reboot of the FreePBX machine.

The FreePBX is a virtual machine on a Xen Server and it uses a pfSense (firewall) virtual machine on the same Xen Server for the external communication with the voippro.com (maybe the main reason for the failures).

Any ideas of possible FreePBX configuration actions or how to automatically detect and correct the condition by software?

Thanks in advance

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