Bug after upgrade to 10.13.66-18

I have FreePBX 10.13.66-17, Queue, some Extensions in this queue, and Yealink phones with BLF keys (programmed to Pause).
When user press BLF key, key change color from Green to Red, and extension set to Pause.
All worked fine.

But, after upgrade to 10.13.66-18, pause work, but BLF key always Green!

How to fix this issue?

any suggestions?

(10.13.66-19 do not help)

We need fix this issue ASAP!!!

Or how to downgrade from bugged update to stable 10.13.66-17?


When we can expect this fix?

Why you cannot fix this issue within three months???

It was fixed a month ago. Look at the comments.

It was not fixed.
Every day i press the button Admin - Module Admin - Check Online
but last version for Queues is

Instead of getting angry and demanding about why others are not fixing free software for you, why not just ask how to get the fixed version? /sermon

You need the Queues module from the edge repo, which you can get by running the following command:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade queues

I do not need beta versions, i wait stable version.

You can probably rollback to the previous version.

And yes, getting upset will only make people not bother to respond to your question.

I recently updated FreePBX to 10.13.66-20, but Queues version still, and issue not fixed.
Why you do not release final version??