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Good afternoon,

Can anyone confirm the latest configuration for bt sip trunks to work with FreePBX?

Nick J

Yes. BT can. They should be able to tell you if their service works with Asterisk/FreePBX. I’m going to guess the answer would be “yes”.

Hello Tom,

Thank you for the response. Since not using a BT Based solution as normal they are not likely to be too helpful and often or not there are tweaks better suited for solutions such as FreePBX.

Question was more aimed at people using or experience with the service. as I have not seen it mentioned at all.


Let me try asking this a different way. Do you currently have BT SIP services and if so, have you configured them on a FreePBX box? If the answer to that is Yes and Yes, the follow up is: are you having issues with the SIP trunk?

If you don’t have BT SIP services and they are unwilling to support you because you have your own IP-PBX then it’s not worth the 13GBP per “channel/trunk” they are going to charge you.

Go look at Gradwell, they support Asterisk/FreePBX systems.

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