Bt isdn30

Hello. I know this has been asked before many times.
I have an BT ISDN30 line. The box attached is this a CWSS. Here is an image: .
Is it possible to use FreePBX with this? Or would I have to buy a special card for a ZAP channel?


You would need a card that will accept the E1 that module outputs to.

I have an “Tiger Jet Network Inc. Tiger3XX Modem/ISDN interface”.
Sorry to be a pain, but how would I go about installing this and using it?

I don’t know if that card will work or not.

I can’t answer you question you did not even tell us what system you are running?

I am assuming it it current enough to be running DAHDI. Have you read the DAHDI documentation?

Here is a link that should help you out:


You will need to install an E1 line card like the Digium Single Span ( then configure Asterisk/FreePBX to use it.

If you decide to go that route, drop me a line and I can give you the Dahdi config for the ISDN30.


j9sjam3 - Did you ever get this working - I have the same BT BOX and ISDN 30 so am curious.