Broken user account

My user account seems broken. When trying to activate it from the email link the first time, it just loaded the page forever. So to get around that, I clicked the reset password link instead, and following the link in that email, I got my account so I could log in. But any page I go to in the wiki, including the main page says “Not Permitted”.

Here’s what the page looks like:

Administration / Users
Not Permitted

You are not permitted to perform this operation.

It can take an hour or so for your account to be populated and synced to the other resources.

It appears to work now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Another note, when signing up, the page I got after hitting the submit button was just the ordinary main site page without any message about getting an email. So something could be improved there, including informing users that the wiki and other resources take a while to sync.