Broken integration module - what can we do?


In the current version of FreePBX (v. 16.0.19) the QueueMetrics module is flagged as “broken” and the certificate has expired.

The module can be installed from the official FreePBX repository:
Browse FreePBX-Contributed / queuemetrics - FreePBX GIT and - funnily - it still works great.

The QueueMetrics module needs:

  • a signature update
  • to remove the “broken” flag (or investigate why it is flagged as broken)
  • fix a graphical glitch in the FreePBX GUI, where the check-mark icon disappears, when you enable the module and apply the configuration to FreePBX.

As far as I can tell the module is mostly working, but these issues are creating a lot of misunderstanding and confusion with our and your customers.

Thank you for the attention.

Start with a report at

Perhaps someone at QueueMetrics should first do a pull request on that module and update it, things have changed in the last 9 years.

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