Broken Call Center

Asterisk : 16.30.0

I have a call center with PJSIP extensions, that have FMFM enabled to the agents off PBX number (Avaya, cell, landline, etc.) There are not registered extensions, they all take the calls off PBX. This has worked fine for almost a year. Not sure what changed from yesterday (Nothing on the GUI admin side, but maybe a module update), but when agents login, they show immediately in Asterisk info as unavailable.

Reports> Asterisk Info> Queues
Kevin Smith (Local/xxxxxxxxxx@from-queue/n from hint:xxxxxxxxxx@ext-local) (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Unavailable) has taken no calls yet (login was 4585 secs ago)

Reports> Asterisk Info> Subscriptions
xxxxxxxxxx@ext-local: PJSIP/xxxxxxxxxx&Cus State:Unavailable Presence:available Watchers 0

I can call the extension directly and it will go to their FMFM and they can answer, like normal, works as it always had, seems just queue calls.They will not ring due to this, and calls pile up in queue.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

check to make sure agent Restrictions (queue setup) is set to call as dialed.

on the timing /agent optons page you likely want auto pause on Unavailable is set to NO.

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Thanks for the ideas. This was already setup this way. Something is wrong. I think I will open a bug report too.

For now, I am editing the extensions, by Advanced> Extension Options> Queue State Detection=Ignore. There are consequences to setting it this way, but We cant have calls stuck in queue and no agents answering calls.

Asterisk 16 is effectively out of support. You will want to upgrade.

Found the issue, which was there is no issue. Apparently when we did a bulk handler import update, we just updated the FMFM toggle. Because we did not include the type on the bulk handler import it switched them all from custom to pjsip. I didn’t know this was possible since we didn’t define tech on the import we performed. I assumed the extensions were always pjsip. Since the extensions are now PJSIP, it was expecting an endpoint to be registered. Since there was no registered endpoint, the extension became unavailable in the eyes of the queue. We now know alot more about bulk handler. :slight_smile: Thanks all!


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