Broadcast module & time conditions/groups

I have a system that uses the Broadcast module to run a campaign on a daily basis.

If the business is closed for holidays / weather, I would like them to be able to update their Time Groups (which affects call routing etc.) and have it also not run the broadcast campaign on that day.

Is there a way to make the broadcast module observe time conditions based on the Time Groups?

SWhat version of Asterisk/FreePBX?

The outbound routes can be time bound, which the broadcast would use.

I believe there are time components to the broadcast dialer as well.

A quick google returned:

Will any of that work for your scenario?

It’s an older FreePBX, v 2.11.

I see what you are saying about configuring outbound routes for the time conditions. My goal is for the broadcast not to run at all, as opposed to running and hitting a time condition that blocks the calls.

Broadcast’s time settings are an option but requires us to make changes manually in two places when closed. It would be nice to only update the time group and have this applied “globally.”

What about moving your holiday check a little further upstream? Is there an option to stop new records from entering the broadcast on the holidays?

Another option is to setup a script to run the disable module command from the command line. If you wanted to be basic, you could set a timer for a specific date. If you wanted to be fancy, I’m sure you could make a script that has some calendaring function.

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