Broadcast Module 30 second limit

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I have only been able to find the issue posted here a few other times and with no resolution. I am using the Broadcast module and when phone’s don’t go to VM in the 30 seconds of allotted time it just hangs up. Is there a way to extend this to maybe 45 seconds so the answering machine detection has a chance to actually detect the VM?

Short of making your own “module”, you would need to submit a feature request to have them modify the module.

I think this is a great idea.

AMD has usually figured this out in the first 10-or-so seconds, so I’m not sure extending the timeout will help. I suspect there’s something else that isn’t working, and that the logs might be able to tell you a good story.

Now, I could be wrong, so if you are going to pursue a feature request, please be sure to change this so that the timeout period comes from Advanced Settings and we’re not just swapping one bad hard-coded value for another.

I wonder if he is talking about situation where the 30 seconds is reached prior to the vm picking up.

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FWIW, we just uncovered this to be a pretty big issue for us as well. Verizon, Comcast, T-Mobile, AT&T customers would receive back to back calls (failed retry = 1) but no VMs. If they live answered no problem, but the majority DO NOT answer live. We tested with the default 45 seconds in a custom call file, and no more issue.

If the WaitTime line could be removed, or better yet made a variable setting, this would work perfectly. For now we will need to shift off of using broadcast.

I did open a feature request for this: #968022

This has never yielded an actual system change for me, but is the only recourse for changing commercial modules. We will be shifting off broadcast to a custom build.

Ideally we will be able to comeback as this is really a useful module, and one we tended to buy regularly.

I hope they fix that too. Such a great module with great potential. That seems to be the only feature missing.

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