Bridging Avaya and Asterisk Records

I am working on a centralized reporting system for our call metadata. We have calls traverse back and forth between FreePBX/Asterisk and Avaya. We send the UCID (the unique call id) that Avaya generates back and forth using the SIP user to user header. I want to take this one step further by writing the Avaya UCID into the Asterisk UniqueID field when the call arrives.

In this way, in our central reporting systems, both legs of the call would show up under one unique number. Does anyone have any advice here, or alternative ideas that may be better?


The Asterisk UniqueID isn’t a call identifier It identifies a channel instance. It might work most of the time, unless you do something very tricky, but it isn’t guaranteed.

In any case what goes in the CDR, is what was allocated to the channel instance, so any manipulation would have to happen at the point it was put in the database.

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The Asterisk UniqueID is a concatenation of the ‘epoch seconds’ a period and a count of the legs since asterisk was started, It is used in lots of places, HANDS OFF :wink:

 mysql asteriskcdrdb -e 'describe cdr'
 mysql asteriskcdrdb -e 'describe cel'

Identifies a userfield in cdr that you could probably use. But the cel table is a more dynamic table where you can use the extra field to add as the call progresses

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I think that’s what I’ll do. I had a feeling I shouldn’t do just jump :slight_smile:

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