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Hi -

Using Bria Mobile iOS with FreePBX and one of the requirements for receiving incoming calls is for FreePBX to register with Bria’s push servers:

“The SIP server must allow registration from the Bria Push Server. If the SIP server is running inside a restricted network of an organization, the organization must provide access to the Bria Push Server and set the “SIP Proxy” parameter.”

Can anyone advise how I would go about achieving this? Thanks!

I think Bria might be better suited to tell you how to integrate their app if something more is required. For what it is worth I use Bria on iOS and all I need to do it put in the domain name and extension credentials and it works.

When you use your phone you need to make sure the network the phone is on can reach the PBX signaling and RTP ports.

So comtech, Where did you place the extension and credentials? In the extension settings? If so how are you getting calls outside your firewall? We can make a basic sip softphone work without a doubt but the Bria Teams requires that the PBX or VOIP server be able to authenticate to the Bria push server in the cloud and that is where it gets weird. Just looking for some input from someone who may have gone thru this already.

Hi aaronm

So I went through all this and got it working (although I settled with Groundwire for softphone but it should be the same).

In a nutshell you have to create rules on your firewall to whitelist the IP’s that Bria or Agile Bits list on their site.

This is so that their servers can register (preferably via PJSIP) with your PBX.

This way when someone calls you from the outside world, Bria’s servers (which are registered on your pbx) are notified, and can then send a push notification to your device.

At which point you answer, and your softphone registers immediately with your pbx and you can take the call.

There is a note on their site about them wanting to improve this workflow, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I find it to be reliable, and don’t have an issue whitelisting their IP addresses (and the ports they suggest for signaling)

S_REX thanks for the response. I get the firewall piece but how are you configured between your VOIP server and the cloud? Have you established SIP trunks between theirs and yours? Not sure what they mean when they describe me having to give access to Bria Push servers and mapping a SIP address Of Record to the Contact URI?

Thanks again.

Hi - few replies:

“Have you established SIP trunks between theirs and yours?”

No - there is no need for any additional trunks. This is all purely about signaling to your device that you have an incoming call, at which point your device takes over.

“what they mean when they describe me having to give access to Bria Push server”

This is the firewall part. For example in my router I have a rule that allows, yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy, zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz etc (Acrobits push servers) on ports 5061, and 10000-20000, to my PBX. This is just required so their server can act as the same extension as my device, except whereas my device is asleep most of the time, their server is always on, always connected to the extension. When someone calls my number, in effect, their server receives the call, at which point they signal my device via push, at which point my device wakes, quickly connects to the PBX and I can answer the call.

“mapping a SIP address Of Record to the Contact URI”

This was what I didn’t understand either - and ultimately in my digging around ended up going with Groundwire (which I like btw). I am not sure if this required any additional setup. YMMV. All I can say is I didn’t need it.

One last piece - on your device when you are configuring whatever app you use it will give you a warning that it is sending your extension credentials to Bria (or Acrobits) - this is so that their server can act as the same extension on your PBX, I have no reason not to trust Bria so was fine with it. At the end of the day though you must consider they are whitelisted to your PBX and have that access.

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