Bria Mobile 5.6.2 over TLS

Question for anyone using Bria Mobile App without a VPN. I have a client who needs mobile functionality, I have successfully configured their mobile devices IOS/Android to register via TLS on PJSIP to a cloud based FreePBX distro (Asterisk 13.22.0).

The only firewall is the FreePBX firewall. I have tested the app on and off network meaning from cell provider and on Wi-Fi in the local office with no issues.

The app works great throughout the day during the week as I have configured the PBX to call their desk phone and the softphone simultaneously when it hits the inbound route. However, I am getting feedback that over the weekend, they are missing calls. It is strange in multiple ways because as soon as they open the app it will state “registering” and then “phone ready.” This is normal behavior as I understand. The app doesn’t even have to be running as tasks are running in the background that will still ring the phone regardless.

I haven’t messed with keep alive intervals or any other settings because our lab demos do not have this issue. We have set up the client in an identical manner.

I know I could go through logs from the last weekend, but I was hoping someone would have experience in this arena before I dig any deeper.

Many thanks for any help.

On the weekend each end user is at home, connected to their own wifi router, probably behind a SPI firewall with SIP ALG enabled. That’s why some of them are missing incoming calls. Are you using push for incoming calls in Bria?

Thank you and yes. I have whitelisted all of their push server IP’s on the PBX. But I did wonder if their home networking was messing with my traffic.

I also tried to abandon the TLS and just use UDP over port 5160 but the Bria phones won’t register unless I am on local WiFi. I get error 408 which tells me that Bria push traffic is not able to get through the firewall even when all of their IP’s are whitelisted.

Essentially it sounds like the are running an SBC to register the phone.

I really want to avoid a VPN on top of Bria, which is why I am going through all of this.

TLS bypasses any SIP ALG so use that. Are push registrations working? On 3G/4G. Or in the office. You can tell because it wont show your ip. It will show a string or brias push server IP.

I did have trouble with PJSIP only on Push registration but i think it started working now. I also think I had to create and SRV record to get push working properly. So does push even work for you? Lets start with that. Isolate the issue from the users home network. Does push work outside of their home.

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