Bria for android

hi i am having some major issues with bria for android and I am having trouble figuring it out.

i tried both freepbx and direct connect to a sip provider using wifi and i always get the same result. i can hear the other party perfectly but they always have trouble hearing me. they say i fade in and out.

if i switch to 4g it gets even worst. i get the following error everytime i try to make a call. wifi has the other issue but atleast i can make a call.

481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist

nat, local and external ip are set in sip.conf

rtp is set on server and bria

any ideas?

You might set up a conf room on your FreePBX system, call in from a known working SIP phone and then in from Bria and see if you experience the same thing (presuming the PBX and the Android device are on the same LAN.)

Also, and I know some will not like to hear me recommend this, but I have had way better luck with Bria on iOS and Android when using the g729 codec.

You might want to turn off any sort of DSP such as VAD, Echo cancellers, CNG, …do try also another phone, i highly recommend CSipSimple, free, even the g729 is available on phone side.

If using wireless, and asterisk version 10 or 11, consider SILK protocol with a narrowband (8khz) configuration. I’ve had lots of good results from Csipsimple and SILK.

If you need to know how to with SILK, checkout a small write up i made here:

Best of luck!!!

thanks. i’ll test your suggestions and let you know.

silk seems like a very interesting codec, is it preferred over g729?

Its just an opinion but, it can push the bitrate lower (as low as 5kbps) and one thing i do like and i see work in SILK is the FEC (forward error correction) which simply means, no words in the voice will be dropped eventhough the network is crappy it will somehow reach (unless its a complete timeout) and its also dynamic with the bitrate if you don’t force a lowest number on the maxbitrate value

Bria works much better in IOS than Android. The ios product is simply more mature. I would also suggest you use their forum as they are quite good in debugging these issues. If you have audio issues in Bria play with the “Global IP” option and enable/disable the STUN server.