"Break" button feature?

Is there a way to enable a “break” button? We have a site that has two reception phones… a primary on one floor and a secondary on another. The client wants the calls to come in to the primary, but not the secondary, unless the primary is on a “break” (DND might suffice). This is a new deployment, so the secondary reception phone isn’t quite in use yet.

Currently the calls come in to a queue of which the primary reception phone is the only member. The only way I can think of to do it is to have both phones as part of the queue, but whichever one is not “active” would have DND enabled, that way the calls should only go to the “active” phone, and if its busy, keep the caller on hold in the queue.

I just wanted to see if there is a more “elegant” way to do this? I thought of logging in and out of the queue, but that seems a bit more cumbersome, and I want to minimise the actions the user(s) have to do.

It’s the client who mentioned a “break” button, so they would be fine with pressing a button, but would probably want to do just that: press a button and walk away. Come back, and press a button. Not press a button, enter a code/PIN, etc.

Thoughts? Thanks, in advance.

Callforward unavailable. if the phone is on DND it will be unavailable

You can also use call flow control

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Use the Queue Pause feature.

I second the use of call flow control. It’d be the most Intuitive method for your users.

Look in your Feature Codes to find the code to use to forward the phone to the other receptionist and then program your BLF accordingly.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Call Flow Control would definitely seem to be the answer, but I didn’t think about the fact that there are three different queues the Reception phone is a part of (three different sub-companies), and I think I would have to make a Call Flow Control for each queue.

I decided to go with the DND button (re-labelled “Break”).