Brand New Install...brand new to FreePBX

Hello all, please be gentle as this is my first day. Haha.

Ok, I have installed FreePBX on my server and I can get to the GUI via the web. I am just trying this out and have little info so I apologize if this is a easy question.

I have created two ext’s in the FreePBX. I also have made sure to press the little orange box up top to reload. I also installed a IAX client to two of the PC’s here on site. (ZoIPer) I put in the info it asks for and says that it registers. But when I try to make a call from one ext to the other it says “recovery on timer expire”

I appreciate any and all input.

Well, after doing some more digging, I found that I should first check for updates, but my box just sits there and never finds any after I click it. Need to find out if I can access internet from the server.