(Brain dead) Need some help setting up a trunk

I have a trunk (23 channel) that had been working for a month or more but stopped after a power outage and the carrier says we have it configured wrong. They are saying we are sending their public IP as the domain. They are asking us to set the SIP domain in the REGISTER with 192.x.x.x.

Can some kind soul let me know where I am messing up.
The info they gave us is;

  • user name
  • SIP password
  • SIP Domain name ( 192.168.x.x)
    and the public IP

Right now I have set
UserName = user name
Secret = SIP Password
SIP Server = Public IP
From Domain = Domain name (192.168…)

I am running FP 15.0.17

Any help would be great. This seems so simple I can’t figure out where I messed it up

This can’t be both.

I’m generally confused by this, e.g. what does “Domain name (192.168…)” mean. You can only have a domain name or IP address, not both.

Most service providers that care would want their domain name.

They gave us that 192 IP and said to use it as the SIP domain. On their form it was in the SIP Domain name entry

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