Bought PBXact 40 appliance but never got PBXact interface only FreePBX interface

We bought the PBXact 40 and even after rerunning fwconsole activation it stays the FreePBX interface we don’t see the basic or advanced and never got any of the PBXact wizards or screens.

The closest to a wizard we got was the admin account creation and the firewall enable.

Spoke with someone helpful who tried to assist early today because our siptrunks similarly wouldn’t enable right and he had to reset a bunch of things and have us reregister things a number of times.

But seems alot of the fighting we are running into is we never got the PBXact interfaces we paid for. My boss wants to just return things but figured I’d give this one more try and see if there is any support for this product. Feel like it’s totally wrong to have to pay for support for a product that never enabled right to begin with.

Current PBX Version:

Current System Version:


Total Module Count:




The numbers below may be inaccurate if new modules have been released since the last check:

Last online check:


Modules with Upgrades:


System Upgrades Available:


if you’d like to fix this right now feel fee to call me direct - use the IVR directory

you’ve activated the system but without using the correct deployment ID

also not sure how you thought you had to pay for support for that issue. You can open a ticket in the hardware category anytime , being this is an appliance - it qualifies

ill pm you my direct number as well

Thanks Chris for your assistance on this. It seems what you and I identified is we were sold a FreePBX version of the same appliance you guys sell with PBXact, strange that it’s available in both these forms but sounds like the misrepresentation and problem is with the seller to us through Amazon versus Sangoma. It was misrepresented there with an image of the PBXact version we thought we were buying.

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