Boss-Secretary Module

I wish to install the Boss-Secretary functionality in our FreePBX 13 setup
I have read the existing discussions and as per my understanding the module has been now deprecated and FreePBX 13 does not support the old module.
Is there any other module which does the same or any other way round to implement the same functionality ?

I am not certain what this Boss-Secretary module did, but I think you can do that with followme.

Perhaps if you can explain what you are trying to accomplish, we can guide you exactly what to do.

The boss-secretary module creates a special ring group which includes one or more “bosses” and one or more secretaries". When someone calls the boss’ extension, the secretary (or secretaries) extension will ring only, allowing the secretary to answer his or her boss’ call.

The bosses “published number” can be a ring group. The boss would have a separate extension. The ring group secretary(s) first, then the boss, if necessary.

Additionally, you can define one or more chief extensions, who may call boss extension directly without ringing the secretary’s extension.

At least two inbound routes to your ring group

  1. Any/DNID - routes to ring group
    2.Cheif callerID/DNID - routes to bosses extension directly.

So pretty much this is how anyone would setup anything like this. A common setup that does not require a “special module” as everything already exists as standard PBX logic/functionality.

You basically just described “Ring Groups”

Actually the boss’ number is already published and implementing this feature was an after-thought.
I want the number to be same and whenever anyone dials this number, it should go to the secretary and then secretary may transfer/forward the call to the Boss…

What do you mean by “Boss’s number is already published”? Does that mean there is an actual DID that is published that rings the Boss or is the Boss’ internal extension published for people to do a direct dial for?

You still control everything. You could implement this while still having the boss caller ID be the original number.

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