Boot Loop with all Sangoma phones

I don’t know what i can do anymore to get Sangoma Phones working with a Background image

All our Sangoma Phones get into a Boot Loop (we use S500 and S700)

All Phones have firmware

Phones Connect with TLS/SRTP Chan_SIP.

Provisioning is set to https with Credentials on port 1443

Okay one thing i also changed was the background image.
I have uploaded a .jpg Image with Resolution 480x272 for the S700.

When i use this image i get into the boot loop.

When i set the Background image back to “None” the phone boots up and works.

Sounds like a bug or issue with your image. Open a bug report and include the image you are uploading.

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What graphics application did you use to create / save the image?

I think our marketing department uses Adobe Indesign for this. But im not 100% sure.

Try having them save the image at the proper pixels and 72dpi.
I think there is an image size limitation on those of 256k as well so verify the image size.
If that image doesn’t work try to take the sample image, have them load that image in Photoshop lets say, then bring your logo image into that document and save it, try that one and see what happens.

I asked about that.
The original picture has 32kb, 72dpi, 24bit, sRGB

Made with Adobe Photoshop CC

Endpoint Manager formatted the picture:
408 x 272

I saved your image with my photoshop, see if it works, also made a B&W version.

this is the original image.

It works with all sangoma phones.
The formatted picutures from EPM make the boot loop.

I came across that no image works after a factory reset.

The phone makes the boot loop again.

I need to remove the background image, this does not resolve the boot loop.
After removing the image i need to make a factory reset again.
Then the phone boots up and works.
After the first boot i can add the background image and the phone boots up and works well.

If i do now a factory reset i get the boot loop!

If someone tries to recognize take care!
You cannot interact with the phone because it does not boot.
You have to wait for the right moment until the web gui comes up.
You have now about 10 Seconds to open this page to make a factory reset

AAAARRRR :frowning:

Now i have no picture and there is a bootloop after reset.
I did not change anything except the line for the trusted root ca for letsencrypt.
The phone display says "Retrieving Configs"
This screen and then it reboots.

Language i have set is German.
Maybe its a error with the config files.

Its already really frustrating. It took me too much time to get this phones working. I work for at least w days on this issue. I will give it a last try else i will send all sangoma phones back.

This is why we have a support department at for free support on your phones.

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…wrong post…

At the moment the boot loop has been gone after hardcoding the background image url

The Server uses Let’s encrypt!!!

I changed
<P20052>https://username:[email protected]:1443/images/formatted/bg-sangoma-S500-sangomas700.jpg</P20052>


This is a webserver on any free webspace.

Bot loop stopped, phone works at the moment!

Tested again, the boot loop stops instandly after i changed the background image url to a http site without user:password. I don’t needet to make a factory reset anymore. The boot loop stopped instandly after rebuilding configs

As Tony mentioned, go through support since you are using EPM and they will help and fix that going forward so you won’t have to manually edit the URL.

As stated either open a bug report at or open a support ticket. But posting non stop about your issue here won’t get it resolved. The forums are not a bug tracker and no action takes placed based on a forum post.

Thanks, Jason found the issue and the new Firmware solved it.
Issue: TELE-529