Bonding and using System Admin


We use a bond (bond0) that consists of eth0 and eth1, to provide protection from a ethernet port/cable or switch failure.

We are using mode 4 (802.1ad/lacp), and our configuration looks like:


BONDING_OPTS="mode=4 miimon=100 lacp_rate=1"

We would like to be able to use the systemadmin interface to make changes to the interface, however if we do that, the configuration that is created by systemadmin drops the BONDING_OPTS line.

Is there any method that is available to ensure that is retained?


Well, how often do you need to make changes? Doesn’t seem like something you’d be making changes to on a regular basis. However, the answer is no you cannot do this via the System Admin GUI without modifying how FreePBX generates the config for interfaces.

This is not a setup that FreePBX was designed for out of the box.

@BlazeStudios is right - the system doesn’t do that right now.

The Issues Tab (at the top of the page) is the place to submit suggestions for systems upgrades and improvements.