Bon voyage et Bon chance mon ami

@franckdanard , I hear you are heading off, all my best and hope to see you elsewhere . . .


I guess that’s a nice way to put it.

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Hi Dicko.

Thanks for your nice message. I apreciate man

Should I take it as a compliment from you? :wink:

Today is Franck’s last day with Sangoma, I had intended to start a thread myself, but Dicko beat me to it.

@franckdanard it has been a pleasure working with you these past years, FreePBX (the software and the community) is better with your contribution. I wish you joy and success in whatever you turn your hand to next. Thank you.


Thanks Lorne.
I appreciate your nice message.
I will not forget the time passed at Sangoma, The time when I was hired with @tonyclewis @tm1000 Bryan Walter and the others. That was the good time.
For now, I"m still not understand what’s happening. But “c’est la vie”.
To be honnest with you, trust me guys, I’m so troubled by the fact I will not work on monday.
I hope I will find a new job soon though.


Guessing this wasn’t a decision on your part then? I guess this is a continued sign of Sangoma’s withdrawal from its commitment to Open Source.

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And why do you guess that? Did you also guess the reason for the split between Franck and Sangoma? I’m sure you have more information then the rest of us, yes?

First of all I was asking the question because his statement suggests his leaving wasn’t a choice. 2nd was this post from Fred Sangoma Still Doesnt Get Open Source | Fred Posner

Finally do you always intend to sound like an arse on here. Every time I see your posts they are frequently argumentative and aggressive. Have you ever thought about trying to be nice or just keeping quiet!


Right but then you followed it up with the statement about Sangoma’s withdrawl from open source. That is what I asked my question about. It’s also something you didn’t really answer. It does sound like Franck didn’t make this choice, I don’t know why he is no longer with Sangoma. Only Sangoma and Franck know that and it’s not my place to inquire about such matters.

As for the Posner post. Yeah, Astricon didn’t have a stellar return after a 3-year hiatus. That sucks. Does it mean Sangoma doesn’t care about open source? No. Why is it Sangoma is the only one getting kicked here when, as Fred pointed out, numerous speakers no showed. Why aren’t these speakers getting kicked for not caring about open source? Why are they not getting kicked for leaving Astricon hanging and failing to follow through on their commitments to the open source community and attendees at Astricon? Also, how is Fred involved in the Asterisk or FreePBX communities and projects outside of being a user? I don’t see him involved, at any level, with either of these projects.

Yeah, I know. To be fair though, a lot of it is me asking why someone has said what they said. You know, kind of what I did with your statement. But at some level, I’m just tired of this “Sangoma is killing open source” conversation that has been going on since 2015-ish. I mean I’m already seeing the annual “better get copies of FreePBX and Asterisk because they may be dead soon” talk at places and the year is still early.

It was this statement that made me think it wasn’t his choice, but as I said I was asking him the question for clarity.

Beyond Fred’s post there was the statement from the new interim CEO regarding moving to a more SaaS focused business. I’m not suggesting FreePBX/Asterisk is dead in the water but just that there isn’t much evidence that Sangoma is doing anything to strengthen its commitment.

Having worked for them and chose to leave because it cares far more for revenue at any costs and there was clear comments and attitudes at high levels that suggested a number of people wouldn’t really care if the OS side existed or not.

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Thanks for your message.

For sure not.
I really don’t know.

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With the new CEO, let’s see what will be done in the future.
No need to cry before it hurts.
Indeed, there is some big decisions right now and I’m the proof.

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Keep it cool guys. It’s not the good place to fight here. And there is not reason to fight.
Anyway, if one day Sangoma would like to hire me again, I will agree. It’s not so bad to work at Sangoma.
As in my mind we are a team, I can use of my person to change something within Sangoma.
I never had in my mind, to work on a Team mode for mysef. As we are a team, in my mind, I worked for the team and not for myself at first,



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