Bluetooth on S705 with Plantronics Headset

I was trying to get a Customer to move to the Sangoma phones, as I figured with the running PBXact it would work better overall. So I picked up an S705 and went to set it up using Bluetooth with my Plantronics UC5200 headset.

Long and behold, I was able to pair the headset with the phone, and it works if I take the call on my phone and then switch to the headset, but there is no way I have found to answer a call, or hand up a call without going back to the base to actually do it.

Am I missing some setting to make this S705 respect answer/hangup from the headset?

As a test I paired the same headset with a Yealink phone (as I know they are similar), and bingo the headset just worked fine, I can answer calls, and hang up calls with a push of the button on the headset.

Any help would be great, as if not, I am pretty much going to have to go with Yealink, as it works…

Guessing from the deafening silence, the S705 doesn’t really work with a bluetooth headset correctly. Oh well, it was a nice phone overall, guessing back to Yealink…

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