Bluetooth headset for Sangoma/Digium D65 & D80

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It seems the D65 & D80 support bluetooth headsets (without any adapters or dongles). Does anyone have a Sennheiser Presence headset in use?
like this one

Can I pickup a call with this on a D65&80?

(R. Stindl) #2

ok…never mind…I found the answer…it seems to work :wink:

EDIT: and it is also in the list

(Jared Busch) #3

Glad it works, but I dislike that model. After a few months of open and closing, it stops turning on reliably as well as easily turning itself off because it thinks it is closed.

(R. Stindl) #4

ok, thanks…what model do you use now?

(Jared Busch) #5

I haven’t bought a new BT model. I’m back to my Plantronics CS540.

The Sennheiser sounded good and worked well initially. Seems like the slide mechanism wore out.

(TheJames) #6

I used to use AirPods with my 705.


And I a

on my Yealink GXV3380

(gotta love Android, you can watch Netfix or play GTA when all the fires are out)

(Defcomllc) #8

I’ve been using a Plantronics Voyager 5200 for over a year with my D80 and also with S705. I use it daily for at least 4 hours providing remote support to my clients.

Works great, sounds great, great range and battery life. Zero complaints

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