Blog Post: How To Add a Remote MP3 Stream for Music on Hold


Hello everyone,

We’ve added a new blog post describing the basic procedure for using a remote streaming source for your Music on Hold.

If you are already using a streaming source for Music on Hold, please feel free to share what has worked for you, and how it has helped.

Have a good one!

(TheJames) #2

A note from the wiki page

Incorrect streaming sources or settings in the MoH custom application can cause increased warning messages in asterisk CLI as well as in the full log. Messages have a format similar to this one

[2017-10-19 12:10:42] WARNING[19746]: res_musiconhold.c:719 monmp3thread: poll() failed: Interrupted system call

This may not apply to Asterisk 16+ where they reworked some of the audio handling but that may need to be confirmed by @jcolp or @mfredrickson maybe

(Joshua C. Colp) #3

The functionality in res_musiconhold for this hasn’t been touched in ages. I wouldn’t expect it to change, and thus would still apply.

(Tony Lewis - #4

Wow memory lane here for me. I remember writing this same guide in 2013. Its even posted in the FreePBX wiki still here


Thanks for the heads up guys. I’ll look further into this and make corrections if there’s a chance of this leading to any issues.

Update: As @jfinstrom correctly noted, this setup can lead to issues, so this is not recommended for production systems. Disclaimers have been added to the blog post.