Blog Post: Framework changes related to module auto update functionality

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Hey All,

Just wrote a new blog post on the blog discussing changes to module auto update functionality in Framework. Feel free to read more at:

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FreePBX - commercial modules keep reinstalling
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This is a good change. I’ve long had that disabled because of the installall
I’ve upgraded to the edge framework on a system and have enabled the automatic updates.

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I have a follow up here. If a existing module that someone has is published that now requires a new module that was not published before what will happen when it tries to update the existing module. This was the issue we always had before and would break things and really required a change in upgradeall to upgrade all modules but install any module that was needed for a existing module dependency that we never got done before. I hope this is finally solved or I fear you are trading a new problem while trying to resolve an annoyance from before.

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If that is the case, it means upgradeall itself needs fixed also. but that is a separate issue, that should need resolved either way.

Using installall should have never been the answer to this process.

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Actually looking at the code it appears upgradeall was fixed from the CLI for this 2 plus years ago by Andrew already. It just never got done in the Module Admin GUI of FreePBX.

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I’ve done some basic testing, and it looks like there are no issues with upgradeall if there is only a single uninstalled module dependency, the uninstalled module will be installed automatically as part of the upgradeall. There may be an issue if that one missing module ALSO has an uninstalled module as a dependency. I couldn’t reproduce it just now in testing, but I recall past cases, particularly on a fresh install where you would need to run upgradeall a few times in succession.

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Ya I think your right. Doing this from memory but I know their were edge cases still and for sure the GUI doesn’t do it at all still.

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So I got an email that was pretty useless. I happen to know that is what you see from a yum update with no updates. But how many regular admins will know that?
Also there is no notice at all that the modules were even checked.

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Hi @sorvani Thanks for sharing this. May be next area to improve further.

Please raise jira so we can try to optimize the email contents to be more meaningful.


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Should disabled modules be considered a security risk?