Blocking Inbound Toll Free Numbers | FreePBX 2.8

The blacklist module doesn’t support wildcard blocking so I started Googling and found a mix of different posts that didn’t work for me at all. However, I the IRC channel yielded some awesome advise from n3glv & [TK]D-Fender that solved my issue and might help others. My provider is BroadVox so step 2 might be unnecessary advice for you, if so just set the destination for the call as termination and hang up, if it works you can skip.

Step #1.) Create Separate Inbound Routes for each Toll Free area code (800, 822, 833, 844, 855,866,877 & 888).
a.) In the inbound route specify the caller id number with the following syntax “_800NXXXXXX” without quotes.

Step #2.) Set the destination for the Inbound Routes
a.) BroadVox (my carrier) SIP Trunks interpreted the hangup option under terminate calls as try again leading to endless call cycles into my PBX.
b.) To mitigate against this I the destination for the route as Terminate and Play SIT Tone (Zapateller). This hung up on the aller after playing a brief 1-2 second tone.

I tested that this was working by setting my area code for my local number under the same rules and trying to call in until it finally blocked my inbound calls and hung up. YMMV but this worked for me.