Blocking email notification - possible?

Hi. Is it possible to blocking the system from sending email notification for voicemail (alert)? I know if the user email address is left blank, in the user extension configuration, no email will be sent. We would however, like to populate that field (email address) as each user extension is created, so that email notification can be enabled when we are ready to do so. Otherwise, it would be a very tedious task for the admin(s) to go back to each user extension config to include the mail address. The reason for it is because at this time we have another voicemail system (at a different location)which does not have the email alert feature. So, it would create confusion and envy among our users if suddenly some users begin to receive email alerts while others do not. We would enable the email alert on the FreePBX system, after determining whether it would be possible to add the same feature on that other voicemail system. So for now, we would like to disable the email alert. I would expect there is a parameter for smtp relay or something like that which could be commented out? Thanks.

…it would create…envy among our users…

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Seriously though, I know exactly what the problems are when dealing with users.

Maybe you could use the bulk extensions module.


Perhaps I need to elaborate. The other voicemail system which is NOT Asterisk/FreePBX, currently does not have the email alert feature. Our telephone guys (I belong in IT, only helping out with this project, the telephone folks eventually will take ownership with I being their “tech support”) are investigating whether it would be possible to add the email notification feature, if it is available, and of course it would depend upon cost. Thus, the bulk extension module will not help here, since this other voicemail system (located at another site, we are multi site company) isn’t going away anytime soon. That is why I want to find out whether it would be possible to “block” Asterisk/FreePBX from sending out emails.
Thanks all.

On August 3rd, 2010 w5waf (Leap Frog) said:

Seriously though, I know exactly what the problems are when dealing with users.

Maybe you could use the bulk extensions module.


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Sorry for the short response. Had the Fire Chief and a Motorola Rep show up in my office.

Anyway…Of course, this would all be done on the * box!

Take a look at the bulk extension module. You can both export and import the extensions.

If you’ve already created the extensions with the email option, the extension to a CSV file. Now pull this into a spreadsheet and delete the contents of the email address field (in my system it’s column 54). You’ll also want to make sure all of the entries in column 1 (action) are set to edit. Save this file as a CSV with a different name than the first.

Now, using the bulk extension module, import the second CSV into the system and reload.

You’ll now have all of the extensions with no email address.

When you’re ready to activate the email function, import the original CSV.


why not just disable sendmail till you are ready?

You could disable sendmail, but you would lose all email services such as upgrade notification, crash notification, etc. You would also lose the ability to bring a few extensions up on email for testing & demonstration.


By the way…

The command (at the linux command line) to disable sendmail is:

chkconfig sendmail off


Thanks, Bill. I get it now. Looks like the bulk extension module is what I need. Disabling sendmail may not be a good idea. Thanks.

It’s a lot easier to do than it is to explain. Figured I’d point you in the right direction, from there figured you could get the specifics.

Still get a chuckle about the users being envious…I could tell some stories!!!

Good Luck.