Block incoming calls from specific US states, other countries

is it possible to block incoming calls fom specific US states?

turns out that the sip service we might use charges a lot more for Alaska/Hawaii/USterritories, so we would like to post a landline that they could use but block them from using the tollfree number

can any of the commercial module bundles like Call Center Builder do this?



Maybe something like what is discussed here could do it:

If you are willing to type in all the area codes/prefixes needed it might even be able to address your other need (ie Caller enters zip code data to be routed, possible? ) without having the user type in his zip code).

Good luck and have a nice day!


Have a look in my posting within this forum on how to use the blacklist module for this purpose.

For such a thing, I just create an outgoing route that goes nowhere (Hangup, ring ring ring, etc) and in the dial rules include the area codes that are of concern. I do this for the premium numbers (Caiman ilands, Jamaica, 1 976…, 900, etc) Unless my clients request otherwise, I also put in 011 to stop international calls. It’s rather simple and I import the same CSV file every time I install another system (The list of numbers is great). A quick internet search should pull up a Wikipedia article giving the area codes you need.

You won’t have much success blocking inbound calls by configuring an outbound route.

i read your post that you mentioned but it seems that in your other post you’re still looking for answers

“Does anybody know what I might have missed here?”

am i off on this?


Just wanted to highlight that this so-called “blacklist” module does exist, and, yes, I’m struggling a little bit to get it actually working.

Will keep you updated, once sorted this out. Working on the blocklist module right now…

Ooops. Missed the Incomming part. But it still works. Take the call from areacode x and then hangup.

Much like Firewalls, by the time you know where the call is comming from (can be spoofed BTW), you already have the call, so you have to DO something with it. Hangup, or fake the Phone companies “The number you have dialed is not available from your calling area. click”

A incomming DID number could be “907xxxxxxx” (no quotes)