Block incoming calls for some extentions

I set up FreePBX with 3 companies on the same machine.

Company 1 is assigned to 6xxx extensions and assigned phone number is 111 1111,
Company 2 has 7xxx extensions and assigned phone number is 222 2222,
Company 3 has 8xxx extensions and assigned phone number is 333 3333,

When I call company 1 dialing 111 1111 and enter 7xxx or 8xxx extensions at the IVR prompt, 7xxx or 8xxx extensions ring.

How can I assign extensions for a specific company that dialing other companies extensions will simply warn the caller prompting that “No such an extension is available”?

Thank you

Setup 3 different directories in FreePBX directory module with the extensions for each company. Then in the IVR under direct dial lock the direct dial to directory for that company so they can only direct dial extensions in that directory.

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Thank you for your answer. It works.

One more question. Selecting default values seems to be working.

Should I accept the default values and select only company related extensions or fill out other fields ,too, on the directory page such as Announcement, Invalid Recording or Invalid Destination?
Thank you for your answer again.