Block incoming call from a specific number?

I looked all over but can’t find a way for this:
how can I block a number that keeps ringing. I need it to be suspended/get the busy tone or simply deny it?
Any help is appreciated.
my freepbx

Have you enabled Blacklist? If so, you can enter the CID there, or you can dial *30 and enter the CID.

Damn, totally forgot about that there’s a module for this. I installed it and entered the number, it should work.

Is there a way to forward Blacklisted calls to a specific IVR? (like Telemarketer Torture IVR)

Set up an inbound route based on CID. You have to start the CID match with an underscore. For example, if you want to send the number 800-555-1212 into TT, make your CID match on “_8005551212” (without quotes) and then just route to TT.

As of right now there’s no way to route all blacklisted calls like this, but my understanding is that this is being worked on. You can probably check the tracker and find out, though.

While it would be great fun to send telemarketing calls to “telemarketer torture,” it seems mute to me. The real person is probably not there, since some phone server probably dialed the call, and then it ties up one of your lines for the duration of the torture.

I send them the Zapateller tones and ss-noservice message and hang up in hopes that their dialer will kill my number from their list when this happens.

it doesn’t really matter to me where i send them, what i don’t understand is how to do the blacklisting. Based on the comment from KodaK, i need to:

  1. create an inbound route
  2. under CID put the number with an underscore in front (_123456789)
  3. route to telemarketer torture or whatever

So far so good, but what if i want to blacklist a range of numbers? for example anything starting with 500?

Set up an inbound route and make the CID match pattern:


The underscore is important. This will match any CID that starts with 500.

Hello John:
can I use _500 (area code)X in the blacklist entry to black list an area code?

I have no idea. I have never tried a pattern match in the blacklist.

Look up the ScreenMachine. I’ve had it for years, and it is exactly what you want.

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Hi mi name is peter and I have a problem with the blacklist module… when I try to block a number, use the blacklist, but this does not work … I put in the box number on CallerID, then send and apply the settings, this should be blocked but still continues to receive and make calls … anyone knows how to fix this? Please would appreciate it

What does the underscore on the start of the phone number do? I’ve not heard this before.

I have a roofing company that was CONSTANTLY calling me to try to sell me a new roof. I created an inbound route with CID priority that routes the call back to their home office. Now every time they call me, they get their own office instead.