Block calls from certain caller ID to certain extension

I need to be able to block certain callier ids that ring a queue to not ring a certain extension in that queue. Kind of a bizarre question I know but there is a personality issue that I need to block a certain inbound caller from getting and personell is leaving it to me to fix, technically. Any ideas appreciate. Thanks.

Wow - that’s a tough one.

The obvious solution is to pass CID information to the phones of the agents and just tell Agent Z not to answer when they see “Caller Y”.

Failing that, you could always fire Agent Z. That solves the problem and brings your level of professionalism in the organization up.

If you really need a custom solution, there aren’t really any good ones.

The problem is that once the call is passed from the inbound route, we don’t really do anything based on caller ID after that.

You could capture the Caller ID information at the inbound route and set up a separate ring group for the customer alone. It’s not really scalable but if it’s a one-off thing, it would probably work. Include as many people as you want, or route the call to a supervisor (just in case the problem is with them and not the CSR).

I appreciate the input. If it were up to me they would have been gone long ago but I am left to attempt to solve it technically due to management issues. I did think about building a queue just for that caller and just blocking their access to it. As you said not the best solution but it would work. Thanks again.

why not use two queues? one queue has everyone but your problem child in it and it is rung only when the specific cid comes in. the other queue has everyone in it and it rung all other times.