Block 66 lines and Grandstream ATA

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Hi all,

We are working with a new client, and I have yet to come across any Block 66 installs. We mainly sell new systems, in this case we are replacing a Lucent Definity. The building owner wanted to keep all the analog lines for the extensions and have everything else digital. I’m a bit confused here because there aren’t many posts about moving back from the Block 66 to a patch panel or just adding a male connection to the cable.

This is what we planned to use:

Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated!


If you have a RJ21 on the 66 block , then

otherwise learn to use a

If the device has an rj21, you can perhaps bypass the 66 block

has it all


In addition to the RJ11s, the GXW4248 has two 50-pin female Amphenol connectors.

If you’re lucky, the 66 blocks have Amphenol 50 pin connectors. Just get a couple of pre-made 25-pair cables to connect them. If you’re not so lucky, buy cables with 50-pin male on one end and the other end bare. Punch the bare ends down to the connectors.

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