Blind Transfer issue on devices/users FreePBX 15

Hi there,

We see something strange with the Blind Transfer on FreePBX devices/users mode (FreePBX + Asterisk 18.6 + PJSIP).
We are using the default context ‘from-internal-xfer’ for the same.

When doing a blind transfer to a USER linked/logged in into an adhoc device, Asterisk is performing an outgoing call instead of calling the extension/user internally.
Attended transfer works fine.

I got the below setup:

Inbound number routed to a Queue
Extension 4481 is the agent (this extension is a fixed one, user/device = 4481)
4481 answers the call and is performing a blind transfer to USER 600 (linked/logged in into 4480)
Asterisk is making an outbound call to 4480 using a default trunk configured in Outbound routes.
Normally Asterisk should call 4480 internally.

In the logs I can see ‘dial/[email protected]’, but somehow it’s going to the trunk :confused:

Does anybody has any idea how to solve this?

I’ll try to collect the logs as well and post them here.

Thanks a lot!

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