Blind transfer fallback


If i do a blind transfer on extension X to extension Y and the call is not answered by extension Y the call gets dropped and does not do a recall on extension X.

How do i get an recall configured.

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Are you doing the blind transfer as a SIP blind transfer or as an Asterisk feature code blind transfer? If the former, does the phone implement it as a blind transfer (REFER) or as a semi-attended transfer (INVITE followed by REFER with Replaces)?

Those are the questions I would ask for plain Asterisk. However, I think that FreePBX always answers incoming calls, so, whatever mechanism you use, you may find that the call appears to have succeeded as far as the technology supporting the calling side is concerned.

I do a sip bind tranfer.

If i do a “in call asterisk blind transfer” i get a direct recall, the extension (were the transfer is to) does not even ring.

I don’t know if i can configure fallback because now a extention that does not answer gets dropt after some time.

Just for info: I am new in the free PBX, not in telecom.

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Hi There,
i know, this is a very old post, but i have the same problem NOW :frowning:

Any Ideas meanwhile ??


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