Blind transfer fallback / Call forward / if away or Busy the call come back to the User /

Hi there,
if a user (11) forwards a call with blind Transfer to another phone (12), the Phone (12) rings and the call is on hold.
Now, the user (12) is away or busy, the call has to go back to the user (11) who has initated the blind transfer.

Systems like 3CX support this feature …

Any ideas how to realize this feature with freepbx ?


If the caller is on hold, it isn’t a blind transfer, but an attended transfer. How are you initiating the transfer? If you do a SIP native transfer, some phones actually implement blind transfers as attended ones; they dial the new number on a second “line”, but then issue the REFER/Replaces automatically when the callee answers.

For a true blind transfer, whether a SIP native one or an Asterisk features one, if I remember correctly, the transferor is released immediately and the call is put into the same dialplan as if it had originated directly from the caller (although I think it may be on a Local channel).

If it is really a native attended transfer, Asterisk doesn’t know that it is a transfer until after the call succeeds. For a blind transfer, I guess it would be possible to call back to the extension or caller ID, but I don’t think the FreePBX dialplan has support for that.

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