Blind Transfer Drops after 30 second

Hi Fellas,
I have a situation
We have an issabel server which has 2 NICs
NIC1 for the connection to providers Intranet ( network)
NIC2 for our local network and IP-Phones ( network)
We have register sip accounts as a trunk with this configuration:

and in my advanced sip i have:
ExternalIP: 10.105.Y.Y (MY NIC1 IP)
Local Net:
Reinvite Behavior: Yes

Everything works fine, but when i blind transfer a call to another phone or when i set always forward to another phone, the call will drop afters 30 second

I usually find “30 seconds” is an indicator of a router/NAT dropping your connection. This is, in fact, a sparsely common problem (it comes up several times a year, but it’s not like an every day thing).

If you search back through the Archives, you find a search for “transfer 30 second” should get you on the right track pretty quickly.

I have search for it for a long time but still no luck
Problem is i dont have any modem or firewall in front of it

You do not have a router? You are just connecting the server directly to the carrier service?

The port is bridge and then connected to prividers intranet, ip address of the server is in the network of the providers switch

I would recommend reviewing the router logs and/or doing a wireshark on the traffic during a test call to see why it is dropping.

From sip debug i saw something, right before dropping the call that from provider switch a “hello” message is coming but i dont know if its because of that

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