Blind transfer can not be disabled

Good day everyone!
For about a week ago I’ve experienced some troubles using external phone conferences which requires me to complete the dial with #, But when pound key is first pressed asterisk “Call transfer” dialogue comes out.
Tried to disable and/or change values of Blind and Atended.
Tried to disable Dial option Tt for extension/trunk/global - still no luck
Thу strange is that by default Blind transfer uses ## to operation but transfer triggers when single hash key is pressed

Any ideas how to disable transfer? It will be the best way if I can be able to disable it per extension.
Thank you for your help

In FreePBX feature codes admin you can change it to a different sequence or disable it completely.

Doesn’t help with the per exten requirement, but perhaps just changing it to something else (*2 is attended xfer, so maybe *3 for blind?) might be good enough

Done it already *2 for attended and *3 for blind with no luck. Still single # key triggers transfer in outbound calls. @zirophyz As I said in first post - disabling blind and attended transfer makes no difference(

Apologies - mustn’t have read that part …

Tried to modify features_featuremap_custom.conf by adding


Didn’t help either. Any ideas?

Anyone? This is kind of frustrating that i can’t disable basic function. Is this behaviour normal? Thinking about doing clean installation and try to recreate an issue

If you using FreePBX 13, you can go to TRUNK --> click edit name of TRUNK with Provider --> PJSIP Setting --> Advanced. In DTMF Mode choose Inband. it’s worked for me.

Thank you so much for this! I was looking around everywhere for this and it was the trunk setting you advise that finally worked.

Thanks again!

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