Blind transfer and call waiting

I have been searching how to fix this but couldn’t find any answers.

This is the problem that I am facing:

  • Customer calls, goes into queue
  • Agent A pickups call
  • Customer wants to talk to Agent B
  • Agent B is on another call
  • Agent A does a blind transfer to Agent B
  • Call drops

In order to prevent the call from being dropped, Agent A needs to put the call on hold until Agent B is available and then forward the call, which is an undesirable behavior.

While blind transfers are dropped, direct calls to their extension are NOT dropped and call waiting is used as expected. I am trying to make blind transfers work the way direct calls to extensions work at the moment.

Running FreePBX

Thank you very much.

Sounds like a bug. Have you submitted a ticket?

No, I have not. What bothers me is that if someone dials the extension while on the IVR, everything works as expected. This problem appears to be specific to blind transfer calls. Attended transfers don’t go into Call Waiting either.


Since not much detail is included, my guess is this is what’s happening:

  1. Inbound call goes to queue. Queue has ‘skip busy’ set to yes
  2. Queue agent answers, then transfers call to another extension. Call still carries the skip busy flag
  3. Receiving extension is busy (and skip busy flag prevents it from ringing), and does not have voicemail enabled so call terminates.
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That was exactly what was happening!

I can now blind transfer people without the calls dropping.

Thank you VERY MUCH!!

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