BLF with Call Pickup?

Does anyone have a good way to accomplish this?

This isn’t an old feature, here’s a video of exactly what I want.

So I created a sip extension, pointed it to (host) and disabled qualify, then I can BLF that extension and add it to either my ring group or call queue.

Doesn’t redirect the call like the video but it works.

You didn’t mention the type of phone however you must program the directed call pickup code into the phone.

Static IP and qualify have nothing to do with it.

Following along.
Wondering (if) using Yealink phones (what would go into the phone “GUI”), so that one could answer the now ‘blinking’ BLF for the ‘phantom’ extension?

I created a new extension (changed the host field) from (dynamic) to
I turned off qualify (yes) to (no)
no vm assigned to the extension.
put the new extension in the ring group (only extension in the group).
pointed the incoming line to be answered by the ring group.

inbound calls (do) have the BLF blinking.

Need the ‘button’ to be a BLF and ‘directed call pickup’ …


For now, to solve, I put the ‘phantom’ extension in the call/pickup group, so one can dial *8 to ‘answer’ the incoming calls (when you see the blinking RED light on the Yealink phones).

Something better suited like “directed call pickup” for Yealink/SIP phones is next.