BLF to monitor multiple extensions

i am trying to get the BLF on a Grandstream 2160 to monitor 3 extensions, all on the same Grandstream 2130 phone. i have tried adding custom hints, that point to the 3 extensions, but when i do a core show hint command, it shows the hint i entered, and one in ext-local. the hint in ext-local is first, and the BLF is only watching that one, not the one that i want it to. any idea how to get it to ignore the first entry, or prevent the hint in ext-local from being auto-generated?

sorry if this doesn’t make sense. i have never dealt with this system before, but my supervisor has, and he expects me to be able to just pick it up in a few hours.

This is not difficult to do. Suppose my desk phone is 103, my pc softphone is 203 and my mobile client is 303. If any extension is in use, I want the BLF for 103 to light. In the file extensions_override_freepbx.conf I would have the following lines:

exten=> 103,hint,SIP/103&Custom:DND103&SIP/203&SIP/303

Now the hint 103 will reflect the status of any of 103, 203, 303. Editing the override file is less than ideal, you must remember the changes you made in case any future FreePBX updates conflict with your code.

Thanks, this was very helpful to me! As a little extra to anyone looking at this now, you might need to replace SIP with PJSIP if you use the PJSIP protocol. In my example the office phone is 100 and the home office phone is 300:

exten => 100,hint,PJSIP/100&Custom:DND100&PJSIP/300
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