BLF shows green when phone is disconnected on Fanvil phones

Hello, I’m on FreePBX and Asterisk Version: 18.10.1. The phones are all Fanvil X210, X6U, and X4U. The only thing I’ve not been able to figure out is why all of my phones show green blf buttons when the phones to those extensions are not installed yet. I’ve found a number of other people with the same issues, but very few if any actual fixes. The state under Reports > Asterisk Info for these extensions is “Unavailable”. I want the BLF to be unlit when there is no phone registered for an extension.

Any ideas on what I could check? Would it be on the phone system or the phone itself?

What do you get for the unavailable extensions when you run the core show hints command in the asterisk CLI?

If asterisk is properly showing the extensions as offline but the phones are still showing them as green then that’s a problem with the phones and how it interprets the sip hints and you may need to reach out to Fanvil for some assistance in figuring out how to get that changed on the phones.

This is what I get for one of the extensions in question.

316@ext-local : PJSIP/316&Custom:DND State:Idle Presence:available Watchers 2

Huh, what does it tell you if you run pjsip show contacts for extension 316?

This might be a bug that was resolved in newer versions of asterisk. The latest in FreePBX is 18.17.1. See if updating to the newest version of asterisk fixes the issue for you.

I did the system updates and it still says 18.10.1. I’ll try rebooting the server tonight and see if it changes.

I am just guessing here, not promising that this is the solution.

What’s the uptime on your asterisk? core show uptime

If it’s been a really long time you could try a core restart when convenient and it will restart asterisk for you when it’s not in use to see if it’ll restart into a newer version.

Ok thanks for the info I’ll give that a try. I’m going to also update to FreePBX 16. I’m on 15 now and maybe that’s limiting how high Asterisk will go?

The Fanvil X series allow you to customize the LED display properties for busy, idle and out-of-service on your BLF keys. If you are using EPM, I doubt it sets those but if you go into the phone’s GUI, you can change how that works.

In the phone GUI, go to Phone Settings > DssKey LED Setting >> to make changes to the DSS keys.

This is what that screen looks like. I added the “, unavailable” will see if it works in the morning.

I typically leave the BLF led off when the station is idle and red when in use. I just find all the lights being on to be distracting.

I’m still setting the system up so being able to see which extensions are either not done yet or having issues would be nice, but that’s not a bad option. I sent a message to Fanvil support we’ll see what they say. I’d like to know more about how the phone system and the “DssKey Settting” page work.

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