BLF ring on sangoma phones

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How can i have BLF ring like a call on sangoma phones im setting up a new phone system and customer want that secretary to have his line to ring on her phone.

Once upon a time, we had something called the “Secretary” module that did precisely this. I don’t know what happened to it or if we’ve come up with a more effective work-around, but the idea was that the secretary was (typically) the only person that could direct dial the boss.

Setting something like this up (without the restrictions) is simple - set up the Extension as a PJ-SIP extension and put both phones on the extension. Add the secretary’s phone to the extension pair on a “second” BLF button and go to town.

There are lots of other strategies that work as well, including Ring Goups and Queues, but having a Shared Line Appearance on her phone and his phone should be simple and easy to set up.

Hi Dave,
All my extensions are PJSIP so just so i understand correctly you are say to create 2 contacts on the extension and add register to devices on that extension if you can help me how to do your setup

thank you

Asterisk, and by extension FreePBX, does not support Shared Line Appearance or Bridged Line Appearance. A SLA would be multiple accounts that shared the same appearance/states/etc. If User A, B and C have the same SLA that means when a call comes in then it rings on A, B and C but if A answers then puts the call on hold B and C are able to take that call off hold on their device SLA line. The state of the line, ringing, in use, etc is then shown on all the phones. The difference between SLA and BLA is that with SLA User B and C can barge in on the call User A is already on.

PJSIP does not equal SLA or BLA. It is the basic multiple contacts to the same AOR. So having the bosses extension on both of the phones means that they both can receive calls to that AOR or make calls as that AOR. However, who ever answer the call has the call. The other can’t barge in on it, the other won’t see the line as IN_USE, putting it on hold will not let the other device take that call off hold.

Additionally, if the secretary to a call on that PJSIP extension (bosses) that means they would need to put it on hold and then use their own extension line to call the boss to tell them someone is on the phone and do they want to talk to them. Because if the put that call on hold and then call the boss (ie that extension) it will ring back to them as well because they are a contact on that extension. Which will make transfers fun as well.

The best option for this is the secretary have a BLF for the bosses extension, use Directed Call Pickup (which the BLF supports) to pick up calls to the boss on their own line and then be able to call the boss and transfer to the boss without the call ringing back on the secretary as well. You could also setup a Parking Lot to push calls to so the boss can take them when ready.

Hi Tom,

This is what I’m doing now, the only issue i have is the BLF wont ring on the Secretary phone im using s705 sangoma phone it only alerts once and if the secretary is not looking he phone or not pay attention she would miss the call.

I want to know if it is a way to have the secretary’s phone ring while the CEO phone is ringing.

Then that could be a BLF setting on the Sangoma phone. I do this with Polycom’s and you can set how the BLF presents calls. Beeping, Ringing or even a full screen splash that shows the Pickup or Ignore options for taking the call. BLF features and abilities like that are phone specific. So again, this could be how the BLF is setup on the phone.

However, at this point you’re looking at a Ring Group or something to deal with it. Anything else like FollowMe or doing a shared extension via PJSIP contacts will result in the call routing back on the secretary and could be very confusing.

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Maybe you can use the directed pick up function.

Put a BLF on the secretarys phone, and when the boss’s phone rings it should flash on the secretary phone, then she can just push that button to hear the call. There wouldnt be any ringing though, thats the only downside

The last three posts in this thread literally just covered this.

sorry Blaze, my bad.

You can put the the boss’ extensoin on the phone but bury the line key for it on a different page where she does not see it. So that way her phone rings, but she still sees the BLF key (not the line key) and presses that for the directed call pickup.

The downside is if she just picks up the phone, it is again the bosses phone she answered and not hers. You could mitigate that with a distinctive ring for line 2.

There is no “good” way to fix this.

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