BLF reversal (queue login status)

Queue status BLF seems backwards.
Logged in = busy (red)
Logged out = available (green)

I know there is a way to manually override this behavior a few versions ago with extentions_override_freepbx.conf, but applying those changes to the most recent version no longer seems to work.

Either way, imo, the states should be reversed for queue/agent login status. Green should indicate logged in.

Anyone know how to manually override this behavior, and any chance of it getting integrated into main-line some day?

This is not how BLFs work.

Its either on or off at the low level in Asterisk. Each phone handles the on and off different.

For example Aastra off is no light on and when on light is red. Meaning when logged in the light is red. When not logged in the light is off.

Other phones are different but its up to the phone. Very few phones are green/red

Yes, I understood that, but you could modify [app-queue-toggle] in previous versions, to set the STATE of an agent in a queue, to appear “INUSE” when the user was logged out (thus BLF would appear off or red on most phones) and “NOT_INUSE” when the user was logged in (BLF would appear on/green).

Something changed in the past few updates that this no longer works. I understand that this isn’t really the PURPOSE of BLF, but it sure is handy to see who’s logged into a given queue, via BLF lights.

Any chance this is the sort of thing RESTAPI is supposed to be for?