BLF, PJSIP and Yealink V84

BLF isn’t working on my Yealink phones with V84 and pjsip.

I know there are numerous topics about BLF here discussing different issues but can someone give me a brief overview on what combinations of sip channel driver and Yealink firmware are working?

So are there problems with BLF and PJSIP in general or do those appear only in V84 and is BLF working in chansip regardless of firmware version?

I think it is related to the implementation of the RFC by Yealink on their new firmware. IIRC, you need to stay with V82

Is this happening both in chansip and pjsip?

It is completely unrelated to the sip driver, it is a modification of the behavior of the firmware in relation to the RFC that mandates the way BLF is notified to the endpoints, by the inclusion of a “sequence” variable that must be sequential, as its name implies, so if the phone misses a sequence, then it marks the next sequence as invalid and BLF stops working until the phone is restarted.

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