BLF over multiple servers

I have 2 servers, both with thier own extenstions that are connected via a trunk. each site can dial the other. I would like to get BLF’s working between the 2 servers. is this possible?

I have it working on Snom 320 phones. Set up the BLF lights on the buttons as you normally would. For the remote site, use the extension [email protected] box as the pointer. Make sure your SIP ports are open between the two sites.


I tried that… i have 2 boxes on the same network, box A boxB
i tried setting a phone registered to BoxA BLF light to [email protected], and it can dial, but BLF still does not work.
please help :)…


I just set this up on my Snom 360 and it works fine. I registered one of the buttons as an extension on the remote server using

[email protected]

format. The button type is extension. I am running PBX in a Flash, Asterisk 1.4.18.???, but that should have nothing to do with it. The remote box I connected to is running Trixbox 2.2.??? something.

Make sure your phone supports this and make sure 5060-5082 UDP are open on the remote box’s firewall.

What brand of phone are you using?