BLF on Unused Line Keys missing and not working

There are 2 issues here -
In the latest (Edge) version of the digium_phones module (, the option “Rapid Dials on Unused Line Keys:” is missing form the phone configuration so one cannot easily enable or disable this feature.

and secondly
If one manually adds the configuration to the res_digium_phone_devices.conf file like such
reloads the module and reconfigures the phone, this option is ignored by the phone and the phone adds the rapid dial to the unused linekeys anyway.

Running Asterisk13. FreePBX 10.13.66-20, DPMA 3.4.1 and digium phone firmware

If there is a better forum for posting these issues, then please let me know?

In our great refactoring of the generation of Contacts and BLF Items Files, we dropped that option. Trying to support it made the code more complex against the time constraints we were working on, and we considered that the feature doesn’t make much sense - since it’s only applicable to the D50 and the D70 and when you’re using it, you’re leaving keys on the main screen unused.

Thanks - we have a number of clients still using the D50/D70’s and they prefer the separation of rapid dial keys and line keys.
Any chance of implementing this option in the future?

I don’t see us returning to re-implement that option in the add-on. I wouldn’t say never. But it’s not something I see us doing in the near future.

Can we roll back to the previous version, easily? This was a “must” option for our users.

Attempt, from the modules page, a check-online.

Then you should see a Previous tab for the add-on, then you should be able to rollback to an earlier version.

You’ll need to issue a reconfigure to the phones after you do that, because things won’t be in sync otherwise.

Can I +1 for this please? Most of my clients run D50/D70s and this is proving to be an absolute pain in the butt today so have had to roll them back this morning and manually edit every extension to turn off the rapids on unused line keys.

This is a huge issue for us as well. This is a massive change to how users use their phones, and is causing all kinds of issues, complaints, and confusion whenever a phone needs to be restarted. I can’t believe someone could consider it acceptable to break something like this - and then have the audacity to say they did it because they were being lazy didn’t want to deal with the complications of maintaining core user interface functionality. It’s even worse that you don’t plan to fix this huge issue. This isn’t some free software- we paid thousands of dollars for our digium phones believing they would be as reliable as the 15 year old system they were replacing, but only a couple years in, we now have major issues and software developers who don’t care. I know I will never approve the purchase of a digium product for any company I never work for ever again. If you really think the cost of new phones is so trivial that organizations can replace them every couple of years, we’d be more than happy to accept a donation of all new hardware to to replace all the D50’s and D70’s you just broke.

The pull request to re-implement the functionality is here:

and is pending review and inclusion for

Oh thank God! My user’s would have killed me. Luckily we are finishing a build and already have the D70’s but it’s not deployed yet. I would have had some very angry people who are used to the separation on the D70’s for contacts.

When can we expect the fix? This is really messing up all of my installs. What a ridiculous change to make without checking with the user base!!! is available now in Edge.

Was there a fix implemented for this. We are running Asterisk 13.17.0 with DPMA 3.4.1 and there is no option for blf on unused line keys.

This is like all the others causing huge problems for some users using the D50 phones.

The functionality was re-implemented in the Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX version, which showed up in the FreePBX Edge repository later as, with an additional fix for a trailing parenthesis in the injected dialplan code for handling a few things specific to the phones.

We have installed the SNG7 Distro, with FreePBX and Asterisk 13.

I have searched all other for the option for this but cannot locate it.

Could you point me in the right direction for this setting, I have several users giving me angry looks.